About this blog

I’m Anna, and I’m in my early forties, married to Harry, who turned 60 last year. With Harry’s retirement on the horizon we’re planning to leave London for a fresh start.

So why Pembrokeshire? Why “possibly”?

Countless people must have dreamed of retiring to somewhere they have spent a happy holiday. We started going to Pembrokeshire years ago, youth hosteling with my kids (Harry’s were already far too old to be interested) at YHA Manorbier. The hostel is right on the Pembrokeshire coastal path and just six miles from the seaside town of Tenby with its candy coloured houses and wide sandy beaches and we returned again and again, a family tradition.

When we first contemplated relocation we drew up a list of places to visit with a view to assessing their suitability. We decided to start with a visit to Tenby, worried that we would unfairly compare other areas to what might actually be just a fantasy.

So the starting point was always Pembrokeshire. But is it really for us? Might we find somewhere else that is actually more suitable?

Those are questions we are still working through, and I’m hoping that this blog will help.