On the road

I haven’t updated for a while because… well I guess I’ve been scared of jinxing everything. In the last two weeks things have happened fast.

We saw the house 11 days ago.

We loved the house.

We went back to the house three days ago.

We still loved the house.

We put in an offer yesterday… and then another… and our third offer was accepted. We have a verbal agreement with the vendor giving us four months to exchange contracts on our flat.

So it’s all systems go! We have a solicitor. We have a surveyor. We’ll be instructing an estate agent on Friday.

I probably don’t sound very excited. I am! But I am so bogged down by the paperwork and the anxiety that it will all go wrong and by boxing up our clutter to be taken to storage to give us the best chance of selling that my brain feels foggy. There are endless appointments in the family calendar – valuations, plumbers, decorators, deliveries, pickups, storage drop-offs, recycling centre trips.

All I can do is tick off the tasks one by one by one and keep looking at the photos of the house. Keep my eyes on our beautiful prize.




To be continued, I guess!


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