Are we really doing this?

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Although we’re not looking to move for another 18 to 24 months, we met an estate agent just to discuss our plans. Over coffee, they reassured us that what we are looking for would be doable on our budget, and we agreed to be in contact nearer the time. When we were wrapping up the meeting a woman from the next table came over. “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help overhearing. Pembrokeshire is a wonderful place to live. You should make the move. You’ll never regret it!”

Later in the day I began to feel unexpectedly panicky. We weren’t committed to anything, but suddenly things began to seem really… real. Were we doing the right thing, thinking of moving so far aware? Would we fit in, be happy? I sat with the discomfort for a few hours but when we went back to our B&B I confessed to Harry in a small voice, “It’s actually a bit scary.” I was worried I’d be putting a dampener on things, bring him down when he was excited and happy, so I was surprised when he admitted, “It’s scary for me, too.”

We lay awake talking it over. It would have been strange and wrong not to be a bit scared, we supposed; Harry’s been in London for decades and I worked hard to put down roots when I moved in the mid 2000s. At least we were being scared together. And nothing was set in stone, we told each other. We could still follow our original plan and look at other locations, even if we had taken tentative steps towards a new life in Narberth.

Back on the beach in Tenby the tide was out. We walked over the glistening sand of North Beach, a storm on the horizon but the sun peeping through. Harry squeezed my gloved hand in his. “Here we are, back where we belong.” I squeezed back, but I felt confused. If Pembrokeshire was where we belonged, why were we thinking of looking at other places?

“Let’s take a week,” Harry suggested. “Think about it separately, then come together and share our thoughts. Do we invest all our energy in Pembrokeshire? Or do we carry on looking elsewhere?”

We plan to give time to this on Sunday. As I write, that’s two days away. My feelings are very mixed. But it’s a decision we have to make together.


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